Monday, March 14, 2016

My Dad Needs An Estate Planning Attorney Soon

My father is one of those people who marches to the beat of his won drum. While this might be great in some cases, it is not in the situation he has gotten himself into.

A few months ago he went on vacation to Mexico and he came back with a wife who is considerably younger than he is. While she may not have bad intentions towards him, he is a pretty wealthy guy, which means that he should try his best to protect his assets. This is why he needs to find an estate planning in Austin attorney right away.

The main problem with this is the fact that he is too nice of a person to hurt anyone. He thinks that getting an attorney will make his new wife feel like she is not trusted. I understand his point, but you never can be too careful. Besides, even if he was not married to her, he should still try to get everything in order while he still has all of his wits about him. I will have to talk to him again and stress the importance of getting all of his affairs in order.

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